Stillness in the busyness.

My name is Billy Maxwell Taylor and I am a movement artist who strives to create worlds in which we can reflect, contemplate and connect with the world around us.

I am also the artistic leader of The Motion Pack a collective of freelancers who breathe harmony, playfulness and co-presence into memorable movement encounters.

Movement has created worlds for me. Worlds of rugby, rivers, dance, theatre and sound. The intertwining of the outside and inside world. Art is about sharing these worlds, finding the song of new and old environments.


I am taking on new projects. If you want to move, create or want to say hi, please get in touch.

→ Curiosity

Using riddles and games to excite the “what if?” mind of the mover. Applying lenses from other disciplines like geography, weather or running.

→ Animal Energy

Connecting with the power of presence and harnessing our energetic potential.


Curating spaces that thrive on human connection and collaboration, nurturing the journeys of those I connect with.

I like coffee too.

Let’s have one.

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