Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops

Water settles on an office window; thoughts brew on a worker’s mind.

Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops is a meditation on an office world where it always rains, contemplating the workplace worries we face through a sensory movement experience.

Utilising reflective voiceover, cityscape projections and textural movement, Billy Maxwell Taylor invites a moment of stillness in the busyness through a time-suspended space where coffee brews slowly. This is a show for the burned out, the stressed out and the people who feel faceless in the workplace.

Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops will be developed through Richard Chappell Dance’s Supporting Acts programme, performing before Infinite Ways Home at Dance Blast (May 15th 2022) and Swindon Dance (May 20th 2022).

The Letters to the Rain installation is an interactive movement branch of the Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops project. This installation was first researched as part of Volcano Theatre’s Solo Duets for the Future programme in April 2022.