Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops

Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops
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Water settles on an office window; thoughts brew on a worker’s mind.

Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops is a meditative movement theatre experience, combining weather-inspired choreography, lush ambient piano and reflections on our busy working lives. This is a show for the burned out, the stressed out and the people who feel faceless in the workplace.

The Dance House, Cardiff

2nd June and 3rd June (English and Welsh available, both with captions).

Book here: https://www.wmc.org.uk/en/whats-on/2023/rain-pours-like-coffee-drops

The project has previously been developed through Richard Chappell Dance’s Supporting Acts programme, Volcano Theatre’s Solo Duets for The Future programme and an Arts Council Wales Create grant. In 2023, we shall be touring the work to VAULT Festival, Torch Theatre and The Dance House, with engagement performances and workshops with Ballet Cymru, Dance Blast and Hijinx Theatre.


English-Welsh Transcript in Size 15 font

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