The Motion Pack

What is The Motion Pack?

The Motion Pack creates meditative movement worlds. To us, the word meditate means to curate space of stillness for observation, contemplation and nurtured awareness. Created and directed by Billy Maxwell Taylor, we work with a variety of coming and going artistic freelancers from different disciplines.

Why a pack?

As Rudyard Kipling said, the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack. We therefore support both solo and ensemble work to uplift experimental artistic research. Within the pack, we have three core values: harmony, curiosity and vitality.

HARMONY / We prioritise wellbeing and strive for uplifting spaces of creation. We value the individual’s role in the collective, seeking to promote personal growth alongside collective growth. Our ecological, artistic and social beings are intertwined. We explore these, whilst also establishing safe boundaries.

CURIOSITY / Our work centralises research and playfulness. This is usually led by a leader but involves deep conversation and collaborative experimentation. The work continually evolves and this is okay.

VITALITY / Our body has a concept of energy that is hard to articulate. We call this vitality – the essence of life. We use imaginative exercises and athletic training to bring an awareness to this energy. However, we believe this can exist in any body and shun the idea that dance and theatre is for a certain type of person.

The Motion Pack started in 2022 with our debut performance ‘Rain Pours Like Coffee Drops’ which toured Wales and featured at London’s VAULT Festival in 2023.

Billy Maxwell Taylor (Artistic Leader, Performer, Sensory Curator)

Previous Collaborators:

Lili Chin (Performer)

Sebastian Barrett (Sound Artist)

George McGukin (Technical Stage Manager)

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